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Totaled my V-Rod Tonight

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Call me crazy, but I just wanted to TELL everyone to be careful and WATCH OUT for uncaring cage drivers. I am on my way to the hospital just after they unload my BABY from the wrecker. :1: I refused to be taken by ambulance to the hospital until I was sure my bike did not get more damage from being towed. I was T Boned at 40 mph. I will fill you in when I get back from the hospital.
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Keep us informed... And I and everyone else hope that you are O.K.
Frank that is terrible. Take care and fill us in when you can.

Frank I pray all is well.....
but I have to say, to report to this forum before going to the hospital....
That's incredable!!!
wrecks, makes sure the bike is taken good care of, gets online to tell us about it and then goes to the hospital. Talk about your dedicated v-rodforum member. HOPE YOU AND THE BIKE ARE OK.
Frank, Sorry to hear about the accident and your loss. I hope everything will be OK and try to be Thankful tommorow that you are still hear with us. Hope all goes well.
Hope all is well, get checked out good at the hospital!!!!!!!!!!
Frank, hope you are OK. Take care of yourself then worry about the bike!
Wow, Frank, that's just the worst news! I hope you're OK!! Let us know when you can. We'll be thinking of you.

Guess we should be thankful you're alive and posting. Some Thanksgiving for you. :(

Hardcore forum member! Good to see you're in one piece and coherent - wearing a helmet obviously!
awwwe fu(k man, that sucks... at least your in one piece... could always have been worse. :(

hope you're ok.
Astonished. Your were MIA now this. Hope things go well.
Sorry to hear that Frank. Good news is it sounds like you are okay. Take care.
Frank, I hope that you have a speedy recouvery, one thing I've learned is that your ride is a lot less painful to fix then your body.................take care of yourself, if your not around to ride it.......will it really matter? Eric
Man what a fu(king bummer.
I'd wanna hurt someone for hurting my v-rod.
Get well.
Glad to see your able to move.Hope everything turns out OK.

God bless
Take care of your self first! I hope your not too beat and bruised up. There's plenty of p&a to fix that motor. Theres only one Frank. Sorry to hear of your misfortune but happy to see you felt good enough to place a post.
Sorry to hear the bad news Frank. There's always light at the end of the tunnel. Just think of all the good stuff you can now customize.
Stay Well

Man that SUCKS!!!!! I know you were a crazy f(ck but posting a message BEFORE going to the hospital! I hope everything checks out and you get home without any lasting problems.

Get well fast and let us know ASAP.

Oh MAN thats such bad news... Here's hoping that you got thru it without too many bumps and bruises. Don't worry too much about the bike; those things are easy to fix!

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