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How do you hook back up the throttle cables to the hand grip?They came off pretty easy,getting them back on is a whole new problem........Ballsie

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loosen them all he way, and with the throttle on the handlebar, pop them in the appropriate side and twist the throttle to connect the cable. I made the mistake the first time trying to do it with the throttle off the bars.

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To assemble:
1. Shorten both sleeves fully.
2. Rotate throttle grip forward and install throttle cable.
3. Rotate throttle grip backward (throttle open) and install idle cable and the little brass grommet that you keep dropping.
4. Assemble the switch housing.

To adjust:
1. Rotate the throttle grip wide open and hold it there.
2. Turn the throttle cable adjuster, lengthening the sleeve, until the throttle cam just touches the cam stop.
3. Release the throttle grip.
4. Lengthen the throttle cable adjuster an additional 2 to 3 full turns. Tighten the lock nut.
5. Turn the wheel full right.
6. Turn the idle cable adjuster, lengthening the sleeve, until the cable housing just touches the bottom of the pocket retainer on the throttle body linkage (remove all slack in the cable). Tighten the locking nut.
7. Verify that the throttle operates without binding or revving the motor when the wheel is turned fully in either direction.
8. Smile. :)
9. Buy Dr Dave beer. :cheers:
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