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I write this in case it helps anybody else having problems and to thank the crew at CP.

I have been having problems with a stumble at around 6 - 7,000 RPM ever since I installed the turbo last year. My boost gauge was indicating 11+ pounds of boost which would then crash to a couple of pounds when the waste gate opened. Last week Nick sent me a new waste gate actuator and map. Bike now runs to redline with no hesitation, boost hovers around 8 pounds and WEGO II shows only small VE corrections needed. I live in Calgary at around 3,500 ft so the new map takes account of this altitude. The old actuator seemed to be short in the shaft as when removed from the waste gate spindle it jumped back about 3/8".

Time to start irresponsibly wasting gas and collecting tickets!

Another big thanks to Nick and CP for standing by their customers.

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