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we know that the 1130 engine past the Düsseldorf Test but did the 1250?

only the 1130 is in the porsche museum.

also the test is done on a dyno for 500 hours is it at redline for the full 500 hours?
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we know that the 1130 engine past the Düsseldorf Test but did the 1250?

only the 1130 is in the porsche museum.

also the test is done on a dyno for 500 hours is it at redline for the full 500 hours?
Wouldn't really matter 1130 or 1250 but no engine would last 500 at max rpm. I'm sure they chose a good mid rpm for that. What that is, I'm not sure we will ever know.
why would it not matter if the 1250 past the test? passing the test is why the v rod is considered the most reliable hd.
My recall is the test includes autobaum at full throttle and mountain twistes to simulate real world extreme conditions. I thought they stopped testing and started production without even making 400 hrs.
An endurance test of the Revolution Engine was performed on a dynamometer at the Weissach Development Center (Weissach, Germany), which is part of Porsche's Engineering Group. Uncounted test engines were destroyed in testing before an engine successfully reached 500 hours non-stop run time. That was the benchmark for the engineers to approve production of the Revolution Engine.

over the 5 years of development 4500 engineers lots alot.
The milestone fpr car engines is 500 hrs.

The VROD was contract work for HD and did not pass the 500 hrs. test. Made somewhere between 300-400 hrs.
statement from the porsche museum to motorbike writer To meet Porsche’s standards, the Revolution also had to pass their rigours Düsseldorf Test that requires an engine to run for 500 hours without failure.
we know that the 1130 engine past the Düsseldorf Test but did the 1250?

only the 1130 is in the porsche museum.

also the test is done on a dyno for 500 hours is it at redline for the full 500 hours?
It's a durable engine,proven by us lot in the real world.Dusseldorf test is a computer simulation of on road engine loads produced while racing flat stick from forget where :banghead: to you guessed it Dusseldorf.If you want to split hairs over bore size you should also debate what oil they used to hold the engine together before,during and after the hand grenading would be more relevant.In other words is the test null and void if HD recommend a different oil to that used in the test.
You mean they didn't use the Citgo blend?
The KC factory tour was well supported with SME's.

I had a chance to speak with the program staff engineer that was in the VROD discovery channel program about the 10K mile valve lash adjustment. I have 27K miles and have not inspected mine yet. HD will use it as a test service unit to gain some historical data at 30K miles.

I was told the out of adjustment symptom will be a popping under load. When they reach this point without adjustment they may eventually cause a burnt valve worst case.

Posted this back in 2003, I talked to the guys that did the testing. My 02 is one of the 1st 1000 produced.

They came to Seacoast HD and did my valve lash for a dtat point free.

Upps, they told me not to tell anyone.
If if Blew up, we would still have a V Rod.

Of course it would have made the 500 Hr. test. Many early 1130's did not, but eventually they made it with the 1130 so no real difference between 1130 and 1250 - we are talking a slightly larger bore 3.985 vs 4.134 so 10-12 Hp with a more than ample oiling and cooling system. The 1250 was created for one reason only - restore the power lost when the 240 rear wheel and tire (for looks) was installed on the 1130 and it was a DOG. So - optimized cam timing and 10% more displacement did the trick. If you can break a 1250 in 500 Hours ( We're talking 25,000 Miles @ 50 Mph average ) with proper oil changes and maintenance I'll pay Tassie $ 200 to kiss your A$$. Ain't gonna happen. Revo is one of the most reliable engines ever made at the 100 Hp per Liter level ( Especially a Twin ) on the planet, period. We are talking more like a 2000 Hour engine, @ 50 Mph average or 100,000 Miles before any real maintenance. Thank H-D and Porsche, it ain't no accident, or to be doubted. Just ask H-D how much money the Revo HAS NOT Made them. CRICKETS !!! :blahblah: :D
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It did blow up, over and over. They did not continue testing after going into production.

Don't get me wrong, 350 hrs is a great feat and more than any other Harley can say it accomplished.

500 hrs -- fake news
I feel cheap
NO ONE CARES. (Only Idiots with stupid questions)

Let me ask you this - Who the Fuch cares ? Did you die in the Boeing 777 you flew in last week because originally it " only " completed 5,000 Hours of in flight testing ? In the REAL World it's got MILLIONS of in flight hours now, so it's a non issue. 1250 Revo's ? MILLIONS OF MILES WITH NO REAL PROBLEMS So- WHO THE FUCH CARES about some 350 or 500 Hour Arbitrary Test ? Again ask H-D how much $ they never made on repairing the Revo - THERE IS YOUR ANSWER. It's the BEST ENGINE they ever made, and they threw it away because it NEVER made them any $ and they are idiots. BUT - I digress. :blahblah: :D
Yet strangely excited.
And really Tassie, $ 200 for kissing their a$$ is NOT Cheap. You would like it anyway so that's just Beer $ for you doing what you Love. Tesla's looking good - time to jump in !!
I can't say I don't totally agree with you but you miss the point.

It doesn't go potato potato potato

They pantented that sound, it is not a real Harley.

Who cares if it is greatest motor they ever produced?
The YES Man and Yes Woman Motorcycle Company.

They TRIED to patent that sound ( they failed ) and yes, it's not a real Harley because H-D has lost their way - like so many large publicly traded companies, full of Yes Men ( and yes, Yes Women ). We, the consumers should and do care if it's the very best engine ( not motor ) they ever produced because THAT'S WHERE THE VALUE IS ! If you want to go buy a crappy Twin Cam right before the M8 comes out and lose $ 4000 over night of value in your bike then hey - who cares ? It's just more of the same F your customer H-D way of doing business, 'cause both engines are junk. Then, H-D junks the Revo ? Funny Stuff, if it wasn't so SAD.How much more disconnected from reality could you possibly get. Younger guys that might buy a H-D want modern high performance liquid cooled engines, and you kill the best one you got. GREAT MOVE ! What else they got ? Bring back Drum Brakes ? Woo Hoo ! A Bobber with Drum Brakes - I'm absolutely in ! Can I get a non O Ring chain with that ? And Bias Ply tires ? How about an oil leak ? I LOVE the past ! :blahblah: :D
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While not official, I've heard the big twins only lasted about 250 before exploding.
Real World Testing

Sounds about right - 1/2 the hours of the Revo Ron - actually that's pretty impressive at 250 hrs till the explosion for an air cooled long stroke loose cam box push rod engine. They probably had a properly hand machined cam box engine with Amsoil, two big cool air fans running at the 75 Mph equivalent. Go buy a production bike engine with the loose machined cam box, run it with Citgo "Sin #3" oil and cool it with exactly the airflow it would get at different bike speeds ( like WFO at fan cooling speeds below 20 Mph ) and I'd be surprised if it made 125 hours. Real world testing is MUCH more realistic than these arbitrary factory tests, and out here in the REAL World of riding Big Twins get hot, loose, noisy, blow oil and if neglected - break in very expensive ways. Revolution engines just don't. Yea, there are a couple of little problems but very few and very far between. :blahblah: :D
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