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Techlusion FI

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Has anybody tried the Techlusion FI box vs. the PCIII? I was just talking with the Techlusion guy on the phone and he was very helpful...very informative. Makes me want to try the product. My dealer is real hip on the PCIII, but I'm not hip on the dealer so I'm researching everything before I buy.

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I made 122 rwhp with it.The stock ignition tables fine for any Naturally aspirated bike.The Race Tuner is the Best for Ultimate control the Techlusion is the easiest to use and I had great results with! :cool:
If all goes well this Friday Night!It's test & tune for the AHDRA JMS Nationals at the LVMS.:cool:
I will do my BEST!
Good Luck !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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