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Got a set of rolled end TAB pipes (with no baffles) fitted on Friday, the
"Dirty Chris" bracket to replace the long extension arm and went topless.
Also fitted the superbrace thats been sitting in my shed for months. I'm
running a PCIII.

Gave Pete from Robbos a few maps (including Gunnys) and he did a few
dyno runs to match it to the tabs. Thanks to all who answered the PM questions.

Did a 700km run on the weekend to try it out and it runs like a different
bike. Smooth power response, good decel backpressure going down twisty
mountain roads and the sound is awesome. If you want to feel how your
bike is really supposed to perform get rid of the stupid pipes that come
with it, throw your airbox cover on a shelf in the shed and add a fuel

The superbrace is a must have. It makes a significant difference to the
handling on rough roads, holds the line better and removes the fork flex
hitting a pothole at the apex of a corner.

Done over 10000km in the last few months. This is the best bike I've
every had and just keeps getting better.

I'll post my map if anyone is interested.

07 DX
International exhaust (catalytic converter)
TAB rolled end pipes (no baffles)

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wow, sounds exactly like most of us here want our bikes to run and sound like. You sir have inspired me.

Like Drew, I'd like to be like Drew...I wanna be-I wanna be-like Drewwww. :)
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