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Subjective Question!

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I have owned my 03 for ten years. It has 16000 miles on it and runs great. Just put new shocks and fork springs on it and it rides better than ever. My question is, I am considering investing in a UE 5 gallon tank and the modern day price with tool and shipping is about $680. I will probably replace the original fuel lines if I can find them which is another expense. I think I would need to get another 5 years of service out of the bike if I'm gonna get my money's worth out of the expense. Because we all know that you get pennies on the dollar for what you spend on chrome and accessories when you go to sell the bike. My bike is now almost 16 years old. I have had one coil go bad because of water getting inside the boot from washing the bike. Also the chrome peeled under the radiator hose and I replaced the water pump cover. Other than that, zero issues. I have purchased a new stator for the event that mine goes bad. What are the odds that there will be electrical, electronic, radiator or other issues down the road. I am also a little worried about availability of parts due to the age of the bike. I love my bike even though I have not ridden it a lot and I know it's less than a thousand dollars but I thought I'd ask. Thanks for your help.
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I think you are good. Exception being availability of the tank. If you can find one, grab it.
+1. The bikes are pretty bombproof, and that extra 2 gallons makes a HUGE difference. My buddy says it's the best thing he (actually I, since he's not mechanically inclined) ever did to the bike. The fuel gauge is a little wonky (it sits at 2/3rds for a long time), but the extra range is huge-- especially if you ride with other bikes. Without the tank, you get to see a LOT of gas stations; with the tank, you have reasonable range and aren't worried about slowing down the group so much.

Thanks guys. UE has tanks available from what they say is their last run. I bit the bullet and ordered one today. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
I just thought I'd mention that my fuel gauge seems very accurate, and consistent. I do about 120-130 miles before hitting the red. It also goes round the gauge steadily. It's a 2014 bike, so I don't know what differences there were between sensors over the years.
Fatboy - it's not worth the huge expense & labor for you. you don't use the bike enough - not even 1,100 miles per year. i have a 2003 since new - 57,500 miles on it & have no issues. never had a mechanical breakdown - - just replace fluids are required.
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