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Hi there.

I'm looking at the different settings of the two VRSC tables provided with Mastertune, and especially ZA176-002-B1.MT7 which is "1250 + SE A/C".

What I don't understand:

- the power enrichment table is 'flat': there is a single 12.8 value for all rpm.
- power enrichment is triggered at 3500 rpm (4500 seems more reasonable no?)
- CLB tables are set to 700mv. 700mv corresponds approximately to a 14.63 AFR.

The second VRSC tuning file does not have a flat PE table, and triggers PE @ 4500. However the CLB tables are also @ 700mv everywhere.

If I look at two other tuning files posted on 1130cc.com:

- ZL176-002-B1-Powerline-SE Filter-CAMS,TBODY-FNL-2:

CLBs @ 778mv, normal looking PE table, PE table triggered @ 4500rpm

- 08 VRSC stage 2 indy topless:

CLBs @ 700mv, normal looking PE table, PE table triggered @ 4500rpm

Any hint welcome about CLB, PE table, PE triggering rpm and anything else btw!

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