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Stock mufflers gutted

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Just to see how they will sound I gutted a set of stock mufflers today. I assume they will sound alot like the force pipes. They sure are lite now.

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Max, I would love to hear a soundbyte of those......:sinister: :sinister: :diablo:
TBAG809 I will try to put them on Friday or Saturday night and think I might be able to record something.

i wonder if the force map would work with that :confused:
i was told the v-rods need back preasure or the pistons might burn up, the mechanic said it happed on a few so far ... is this true or is he just telling me what HD told him to tell me.
I don't think the Burt Valves are from lack of Back Pressure,but from a Overly Lean condition from a Bad Tune!:2cents
esquire7oz Kaz is correct. Pistons and valves burning are caused by a lean fuel mixture. The amount of back pressure you have determines the amount of fuel you will need at a given rpm. I would not suggest running pipes like this on a stock flash.
Kaz: are Ernie valves due to too much back pressure????;)
I'm a little SLOW.I DON'T GET IT?What happened with Ernies Valves?:confused:
Kaz: Sorry, I should not make fun. Read your post "Burt" valves instead of "Burnt" valves. ;)
"I see" said the Blind man!:rolleyes: Another SPELLING MASTER!;) My spelling and Grammer Sucks,but my V-rod is a Rocket!:diablo: You will fit in Very Nicely with the Rest of the Ball Busting Smart @sses on this Forum!:goof Becareful though not to Hurt My Feeling to bad or Else!:icon_twis Only John aloud to do that!;)
TBAG809 I put them on tonight and now I'll have to make a sound file, these things are LOUD.

Max, what are you doing for tuning? PCIIIr or what? I would run the Force map if you are using a PCIIIr.

Hey max, you riding tomorrow? I'd love to hear them in person. But maybe you shouldn't come over here. The neighbors and all....
Max said:
TBAG809 I put them on tonight and now I'll have to make a sound file, these things are LOUD.

:sinister: I bet they have a deeper rumble but just as loud as the Force pipes....I cant wait to hear them.:sinister:

On another note I just got back from terrorizing the local neighborhood kids with my bike......:icon_twis
Kaz: Like I said, I shouldn't make fun. Please forgive my attempt at jest.
:( Fred:( :moped :diablo:
Let me just say this -- as Max left the house this morning, I lay in bed listening to him leave...disctinctly, I heard him leave the garage, go up the alley, turn onto an adjacent street, turn again, turn AGAIN, and heard the first three gears as he went up 14th Street. Which, by the way, is about a quarter- to a half-mile away. This was with the windows closed/air conditioning on (it's hot here).
Was it LOUD :)
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