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Stock injector / fuel pump rating - NOS

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I’m putting Nitrous on my 2005 VRSCSE 1250 . I had a 09 “F” years ago that had nitrous but I can’t remember what max hp the factory injectors / fuel pump was rated for . Obviously I don’t want to get to my Max duty cycles . Have it in a nice comfortable range

otherwise my 2nd option is to knock a hole in the fuel tank and plug a small pump to do a true wet . I have a billet spacer to drill- tap - plumb 1 Nozzle for each cylinder . I think 20X-2 (40 hp) total shot would be maximum as I would go .
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Stock injectors flow 4.81 grams per second @60psi (400cc/min). Depending on math used they are good for 61hp per injector with 80%DC and gasoline.
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