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I have several mint condition exhaust system parts left over from a complete system. If you only need a few parts or all of them , here are the part numbers and retail prices. I only want 50% rounded off of the retail price shown.. remember these are in like new condition. These should fit all the first generation Vrods, However, please check the part number. Contact me at [email protected] or text @ 760-695-2177

65046-01 lower exhaust shield 44.99
65111-01A rear shield exhaust 112.99
65110-01 front shield exhaust 44.99
65151-01b aux volume/center muffler 341.00
65101-01 front header exhaust pipe 106.99
65104-01 rear headed exhaust pipe 106.99

please text or email as I don't come on the forum on a regular basis.


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