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Mass, your on to something. Had a fellow Forum member bring me your post today, which I have seen before. The bike would not idle. Remember I have all the High Dollar Computers at work for this. Was getting a bad reading from the IAC. I checked for an Intake Leak first. No problems. Cable adj. was done many times by myself and STAN. When I pulled the IAC, it fell apart. I called a fellow wrench and he had said, this was seen once before on a VR. I asked him why did'nt he tell me about it? He said, "It was a broken part, no need to alert the Pentagon" This may be a future issue, But please don't mess with these sensors on your own. You may do more harm than good. Take it to a shop that has proper tools for the job. It does'nt have to be a Stealer. Unless you have Warr. I will keep an eye on this. Later SKI.
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