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I really like the looks of my Super Sport windshield on my '03 but I've about decided that I'm just too tall for it. I know about the spacer bars that someone is having made that tilts the windshield forward and I also know about the trick of turning the bracket upside down. However, I think it might be best to just trade it with someone who has a Touring windshield that would rather have the SS.

Mine is truly like new and was dealer installed. It doesn't have any marks or scratches on the 'glass' or chrome. While I don't have the original packaging, I'm in the computer business so I have all kinds of packing materials and can make sure it is properly protected for shipping.

Since I didn't install this in the first place, I may need some guidance on what parts go with it. For example, I understand that the chrome cover over the top of the headlight is part of the kit, right? What about the screws that hold the bracket to the triple tree, are they stock or would they have come with the kit? Maybe someone would have an installation sheet that came with the Super Sport windshield that could let me know what to send with it.

So, is there anyone in the group that has an equally perfect condition Touring windshield who would like to do an even trade?
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