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Speed Bleeders

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Anybody running them? Thoughts?

Can you use a hand pump to vacuum or just lever pulls to bleed?
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They work well.Just pump out the old with lever, top up, pump till the new comes through, couple of minutes tops.
I ordered a clutch one too but the supplied unit was too long and wouldn't fit under the cover,easy enough to sit on the bike and do it the old way so left it as was.
What year is your bike? Do you remember the sizes needed?

I gotta do a complete flush soon

2008 here. I found the old packet they came in ,says SB8125 M8x1.25 website says SB8125L :banghead: order the one they recommend then if it doesn't fit it's their drama.Same with clutch.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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