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make offer?

I wanted to put them on my bike, but my wife made me list them in case my V-rod sells

the heat shields are dinged up. I took some pics of them "as found"
and then i put some flat black on them, and took some more pics.

the super trapp has one nice ding

you could run them as is, or have them stripped and re-coated.

when I had a black thunder header on my Night Train, i just put Wally-World bags behind the pipes, and re-sprayed them with Gas Grill High Temp paint every few months.
and that would work well for these. and if you fall in love with the look after a while, then get them done.
make SURE you let the paint dry BEFORE you pull the Wally-World bags out (ask me how i know.....)

i would really like to get the center section cut down, and made into a two into one, and just run one of the Super Trapps on it.

would one Super Trap flow enough?

all the pics:
http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b170/04vrscb/for sale/

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