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Sorry to post such irrelevance, but a strange sound on my ROD

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First and foremost-my prayers go out to Brian's Family and Friends!!!!! God Bless you!

I had my 1,000 mile service done on my 07 AW and I have noticed a HUMMING coming from the back end ever since. I coasted into a stealership and after a test ride from one of the mechanics he adjusted the "belt tension" and told me"I can't believe you complained about this, I just rode another rod and they all do this!"

Well after the adjustment, it is alot better. Any of you notice this humming? It is very noticeable when coasting to a stop!

BTW- What's with a warranty? They charged me for 15 minutes labor!
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Wow, I think I would have a talk with the service manager about thier smart A_ _ coomment AND then I would get my $$'s back.
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