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Sorry to post such irrelevance, but a strange sound on my ROD

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First and foremost-my prayers go out to Brian's Family and Friends!!!!! God Bless you!

I had my 1,000 mile service done on my 07 AW and I have noticed a HUMMING coming from the back end ever since. I coasted into a stealership and after a test ride from one of the mechanics he adjusted the "belt tension" and told me"I can't believe you complained about this, I just rode another rod and they all do this!"

Well after the adjustment, it is alot better. Any of you notice this humming? It is very noticeable when coasting to a stop!

BTW- What's with a warranty? They charged me for 15 minutes labor!
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your dealers in the states seem to very unhelpful, a little story about one of our dealers "thames harley davidson"in the UK. while back i bought a second hand sporty from them, couple of weeks later was getting rattling noise from under the tank which i couldn't locate .the bike came with a warranty so gave them a call they said they would come and collect the bike and bring me a replacement while they worked on it (i live 150 miles from them) next day they turned up with the replacement and took mine away.2 days later they were back with it fixed.i had another problem with it month later and they did the same thing.never complained once and couldn't have been more helpful guess we have better dealers than you guys in the US or has anybody got a positive story on harley dealers!!
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