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First and foremost-my prayers go out to Brian's Family and Friends!!!!! God Bless you!

I had my 1,000 mile service done on my 07 AW and I have noticed a HUMMING coming from the back end ever since. I coasted into a stealership and after a test ride from one of the mechanics he adjusted the "belt tension" and told me"I can't believe you complained about this, I just rode another rod and they all do this!"

Well after the adjustment, it is alot better. Any of you notice this humming? It is very noticeable when coasting to a stop!

BTW- What's with a warranty? They charged me for 15 minutes labor!

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usarmyttt said:
Wow, I think I would have a talk with the service manager about thier smart A_ _ coomment AND then I would get my $$'s back.
:them: Yeah that's not cool at all.

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Ha, ha, yeah, tell them the guy made a smart comment. I bet they'll make him sit in the corner tomorrow.

My dealer told me when I complained of a similar noise after having a chrome pulley installed, and they couldn't eliminate the "humming noise", "maybe it's time to get rid of it."

It had 5000 miles on it at the time. When will people get it? Harley dealers only care about you BEFORE they get your money. The minute you buy the bike, they couldn't care less. They are on to smooth talk the next guy, until they get his $$$.

It's the same everywhere. HD charges top dollar for everything, including labor, but doesn't pass it on to their employees. $70 an hour for labor, while the actual "tech", and I couldn't use that term any looser, gets about $15/hour. What do we expect?

I basically look at dealers as a means to buy a bike, nothing more. Once you get the bike in hand, you are realistically on your own, regardless of anything they tell you. They find a way to jerk you around EVERYTIME. Long delays to do simple repairs, over-charging for labor, lying when the don't know the answer or fix, making smart-assed comments to cover up their stupidity, etc. I've come to expect nothing less.

I recently called my "dealer" to have my bike dyno-tuned after installing a CFR and PCIII. Got the "service" manager, Mike. The conversation went exactly like this:

"Mike, I'd like to get a 2003 V-rod dyno-tuned after installing a new pipe and PCIII."

"Dyno-tuuuuuuned?......(long pause).....dyon-tuuuned, you say?"

"Yeah, Mike. Dyno-tuned. You can do that, right?"

"Uh,.....yeah. Well, ..........what new parts did you put on?"

"A new pipe and POWER COMMANDER."

"Oooooh, the POWER COMMANDER, hmmmmm, the POWER COMMANDER??....(I may as well have told him the POWER RANGER, because he had no idea what I was talking about). I'm not sure Joe can work with the power commander, we use the race tuner, let me check."

"Mike, Mike, wait, hold on.......nevermind. (hang-up.)"

Again, got what I expected. First he had no idea what I meant when I said dyno-tuned, then acted as if I bought this crazy Martian device called a power commander that nobody's ever heard of. BUT, give us $150 for setup and $70/hour for 1-2 hours and we'll convince you we know what we're doing. While you wait, enjoy a FREE Hot Dog and coffee.

Expect nothing more than what you got. You got off easy, especially if they fixed your noise.

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your dealers in the states seem to very unhelpful, a little story about one of our dealers "thames harley davidson"in the UK. while back i bought a second hand sporty from them, couple of weeks later was getting rattling noise from under the tank which i couldn't locate .the bike came with a warranty so gave them a call they said they would come and collect the bike and bring me a replacement while they worked on it (i live 150 miles from them) next day they turned up with the replacement and took mine away.2 days later they were back with it fixed.i had another problem with it month later and they did the same thing.never complained once and couldn't have been more helpful guess we have better dealers than you guys in the US or has anybody got a positive story on harley dealers!!

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Although i dont give dealers a lot of custom, my local one in canterbury is always friendly and helpful, i guess they are waiting for my next order.
I live in Wales and bought my V Rod from your guys, Robinsons Foundry....yea, nice guys.
As for any extraneous noises...since i've put my street sweepers on....don't hear anything.....apart from the pipes :)
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