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Solid wheel wind-buffeting

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Has anyone swapped the solid wheels out for non-solid and actually experienced less wind-buffeting?
Theory or fact?
I've got chrome solids and experience some buffeting, but I don't think it's any worse than my last bike (which was a low-rider with mags) but that was back a few years - and memory f a d e s. I ride normal highway speeds, two-up usually. :ride:
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To sail or not to sail...

It would have to be a substantial difference for me to make the change. I chromed the factory wheels because I like the original styling effect, and the problem is not critical - just a little annoying.
(Of course, my problem is that I am a Fatboy riding on a V-Rod, so the problem might be intensified!)
Maybe I'll just ask everyone with open-wheel V-Rods at Daytona if I can take a spin up 95 on their bike! :rofl:
Well, I bit the bullet and took Jcolodny and Worm's advise. I ordered the Superbrace from Superbrace.com and I'll install it and try it out when I receive it. I don't love the looks of it necessarily, but I really want to keep the solid-wheel factory look of the bike because I think that's one of the things that makes a V-Rod a V-Rod. Actually, my whole front end is chrome and the Superbrace is polished, but I'll just keep it polished up nice.
I'll post what I think of the Superbrace when I get it, install it and run down the Interstate looking for big trucks. :vrod:
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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