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I have read stuff on this before - what I find compelling is the statements by some that when a spoked whell is spinning at whatever rpm you get at 60 or 70 MPH you won't get air flowing through it anyway. If that is true, and it makes sense to me (but what the hell do I know?) then the buffet of a cross wind would have to be substantially similar wouldn't it? But then again, the turbulence caused by spinning spokes as oppossed to a flat disk, might dissipate that impact too somehow, deflect it or something. What about all the other real estate offered by the bike and rider profile? Maybe you just notice it more because the front wheel on a v-rod is way out there on longer forks and a bigger rake, and because the effect is transmitted straight to your hands.

I noticed the buffeting when I first got the bike, but don't really notice it at all now - unless its in extreme conditions. My frame of reference isn't wide enough though for my seat of the pants opinion to be very relevant. MJW930 would be a lot better for that, as would many others on this forum.

Just chucking a few ideas out there...
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