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smooth ride shocks??

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I wanted to know what size people are buying to give the 1'' lower look without trouble...anyone have these?? ...whats the verdict?? fit/ finish overall quality

They sure look nice though

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What type of riding do you do? What % solo and 2 up?
I have the 12.5 inch, with double springs. I ride 90% 2-up and this was suggested from the company. You can order 12 in or even 11.5 in, like Ernie from Breathless. He also is running double springs on his. I love the look and appearance of the shocks. I am still deciding on the riding comfort. Mine rides very good but it may be too stiff. I will adjust the air pressure and see. The air pressure is adjustable from 40#'s of pressure to 150#'s of pressure. They are 100% better then stock. I hope this helps.

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I guess my question is why would you need double springs if you can add spring rate with the airbags? I thought the whole idea behind the air assisted shocks was to go with the softest spring you would ever want and add air to increase the rate vs. adding preload in a normal shock. Am I missing something?
I called the mfg and the reason for the double spring is because of the angle of the shock on the v-rod. The double spring slows the compression down. If there were only a single spring, then the shock would be working twice as hard. If anyone has any questions, please call 928-505-2501 or www.btmfg.com
I will be adjusting (lowering) my air pressure for more better comfort.
Thanks, Jason
I understand their answer, it seems that the airbag is only adding preload where the Legend system uses the airbag as the actual spring.

Let us know if dropping the air pressure solves the harshness.

BTW, It looks great :fahr38


what size would be the best if I want the lowered look?? I was going to add the progressive front springs too .... I weight 180 lbs and ride mostly SOLO 11'' 0r 11.5" or ????

vilzrod, I just PM you back. Disregard my answer. In the PM you did not state your riding habit or weight. Get the 11.5 in with double springs. That is what Ernie from BPP has and he likes them alot.

I reduced m air pressure from 100#'s of pressure set from the factory to 75#'s. It rides much better know. Since I ride two up, my setting is at 75#'s and when I ride solo I run 50#'s.

I hope that helps.
VRSC, do you think 11.5 " that would match the one inch lower front fork springs?? I would n't want it to sit too low in the rear
I have the Progessive low fork springs, You can always adjust the height to balance with the rear by lowering your triple tree mounts that attach to your top forks. I am not sure of the correct what the correct term is but see the attached.

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you think 11.5 is the way to go ??? I was thinking 12" but you have them and I don't so you know what the height would look like ...you only went 1/2 " lower than stock does your bike sit low enough in the rear for you??...sorry to beat this to death I ju' want to get the right ones from the get go
It is really your own opinion. Ernie has the 11.5 and is about your wieght. He rides 90% solo and his bike looks great. I choose to go with the 12.5 because I ride 90% 2-up and I was concened with dragging. I do drag a liitle with the 12.5 however, not as bad as I did with the stock shocks. These shocks are great, I reduced my ride height by 1/2 in and I do not drag as bad as I did with the stock shocks.I am very happy with the ride height, it lookslower and is still practical. I could not have gotten the 12in for my weight application and riding habits. If you want to play it safe, you will be satisfied with the 12 in. Many people have reduce their ride height by 1 in with minimal problems. If you have any other questions, call the above # and speak with a tech. They are nice people and will answer any of your questions.
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