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OK- this is about the 40th thread on fuel guage. I consistently get about 40-42mpg for my day to day commuting with a stock engine set-up. Yellow light comes on at 92-95miles, when the guage is registering a bit below the 1/4 tank mark. If I take her all the way to E- right on the E, I can squeeze in just over 3 gallons. Almost 3.1 if I overflow it and create a small puddle of fuel under the bike.

Now, my only real question is: How much does the tank hold?!?
Do I have another 0.7 gallons below the E? In all the threads I've searched, two people have reported that they've emptied their tanks. One report said that he got 3.5 gallons into an empty tank; another said 3.2.

Any other empirical data on how much gas we've got with us?
thanks in advance for any additional info.
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