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Not a muscle Fix.

For anyone who in the future who has a busted mirror stem hollow bolt on a VRSCF, you dont have to buy the whole stem with the signal, its around $110, and that sucks. Go to a dealer that sells metric cruisers, Yamaha, Suzuki etc. or Ebay even better yet. Kuryakan sells a part called a metric fender signal bolt adaptor or something like that, anyway its part number 2289 in Kuryakan. This part is a hollow bolt/stud with metric (VRSCF mirror bolt size threads) on one side of the nut, and SAE threads on the other side to adapt like a Harley type signal to a Metric cruiser and run your wires thru it since its hollow. Just buy this part, it comes with 2 for $12. Use your dremel tool with a fiber cutoff wheel and cut the SAE side off at the nut, and presto you have a better than new stud with the nut already on it to slip thru your mounts and into your old mirror stem and thread tight, you have to use vice grips to get the Harley broken stud out first. I have used this to repair mine in the past. Im going to put up this as a post topic in VRSCF section for all to see for future reference, since I posted this under another topic as im sure im not alone in not liking to pay dealer prices for parts, when they can be easily fixed. I broke mine and searched high and low for metric threaded rod that is hollow to repair my stem bolt to no avail, then found these Kury parts that will save you $98 bucks over buying a whole new stem. And I feel its pretty easy to do. If your a technician, on a scale of 1-5, I feel this is a level 1 repair project. After going thru this repairing my signal mirrors on mine and my wifes Vrods, we ditched the LED VRSCF type mirrors as they were kinda a novelty at first, I mean they are neat, then found them to first not be chrome and match the rest of our bikes, and second, their too freakin bright, those LEDs will blind you reflecting back off your windshield at night. Of course I had them mounted on a VRSCA and a VRSCB not a VRSCF so thay may have been part of the problem. I hope this thread saves someone some $$$$ as it did me.
I am confused what you propose here isn't a cheap fix for muscle owners! So by ditching these non essential mirrors may work for you but before you recommend this stop and wait a second because those are the only turn signals on a VRSCF! We would no longer pass inspection without them to do this means we would need to now have to purchase mirrors and new turn signals, so this fix isn't for a VRSCF! As the point behind these mirrors for us is the utility of a mirror and a turn signal all built into 1.

Maybe I am missing something but do you realize these novalty item mirrors are all we have as turn signals? I am glad I read on and saw that you had them mounted on bikes that aren't the VRSCF and to those bike would be a novelty. Things are a bit different in the muscle world.
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