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Should I wait???

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It's only gonna be in the 50's for awhile here. :soapbox:
I've been doing some debating about putting the RT on.I know tuning it for this weather, it will be rich for the summer heat.But then again I can have a cold,cool,hot maps.Or would 1 be good enough?
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The nice thing about a speed density EFI system is it corrects for temperature and altitude. If you get the map right you shouldn't need to compensate for winter and summer. Your biggest issue is the lack of a map to match your setup. I wouldn't remove your PCIII and load an RT map until you have some time on a dyno.
That's the problem.The only tuner I feel good.Hasn't been schooled yet.But I have good country roads I can do data logging.And start to tune the in the basic mode.Just keep the knock sensor on.Then when I get that pretty good then I can start to do some advance tuning.

Hopefully they'll send my tuner to school soon.
Wait? No. It's going to get messy anyway. Thinking RT plays tricks with your mind, I'm an addict, I think it has helped me understand EFI tuning very quick. You probably know much more about EFI than I do so what are you waiting for? It really should not be different from the PCIII in principle. I think that if you try to break your head thinking about it it's good exercise for your neurons and damn fun. Try it and see if you notice less hp with whatever map you use.

Go out, being lean at low rpm for short time is nada. Get to a VERY long porkless stretch (please, avoid the track), get it steady at 2000 and whack it open till redline. More of the same fun, just with a backpack, a laptop in it hooked for dataloging. Then go back home and analyse the data. Put your knock sensors on the graph, watch for spikes and zoom on them, note what rpm they start and end then make it richer there using the VE tables. That way you discard gross and damaging deviations caused by the exhaust change. Fine tuning is for the dyno as you know.
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