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they'd like you to believe a 28th sprocket is a big deal to install also.... just install em youself... MJW930 is right.. these are not rocket ships... heck... they aren't even sophisticated motorcycles!!!! For heaven sake... they're put together with bolts from a surplus hardware store..

When I hear guys say the just picked up their bike at the dealer after letting them screw the heck out of them to install some chrome/other parts... I could scream!!!!! No wonder people get so "upside down " on these bikes it costs them $1.50+ /mile to own when all is said and done. It cost the guy I bought my v rod from $4.16 per mile to own his bike because he paid the dealer top buck for the parts and installation.... (and I gave him top buck for it...)
Excuse me a second while I put my soap box away..
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