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Hay guys, i'am in new york and need to send headers & muffler to texas. Any recomendations. fedex wants $250 and old dominion wants even more.
Is there any way to cheeply ship these things, its only 50lbs
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Break it up into two parcels and try the USPS
What Rusty Said - great idea ! shipping has gotten out of control price wise, often more than the cost of what you are buying. I try to shop carefully and bundle things together like with Summit Racing I ordered a new GM fuel injection spyder with free shipping and got all my other supplies put in the same box for free, including items shipped from another state on the same order. I know can't do that on shipping out but USPS is hard to beat and half the time UPS is involved with them anyway but it's cheaper.
I just mailed headers and muffler from SC to OK. I used USPS a touch over $20
I went into a Pack and Ship place once to send a set of headers to a friend a few states away. They wanted $100 to pack and $100 to ship. I packed it myself and took it to the USPS for about $10 shipping
NEVER ship anything at a shipping center. Its always going to cost more. If you already have it packed up just input the weight and address to Fedex, ups, usps and see what rates it gives you. I know I have shipped car rims, exhaust, lots of large items and have never had an issue or high prices like that.
I would do like rusty said and break it down in smaller boxes . Last year I was sent 3 air box covers in one box I paid the shipping from Las vegas it was almost 75.00 I do not remember if it was Fed ex or ups and a couple year's before I sent one across the state it was 70.00 at fed ex and you know how much a air box cover weigh is the Lady told me it was the size of the box is where they get you she told me I could put up to so many pounds in the box it would be same price but over that in weigh would be higher. I can not complain about my price a good friend gave me the air box cover's and they are one of a kind that the master painter at Harley did for the Home comeing in KC Harley would only let him do 3 or 4 each year to give away no two is the same and you had to be lucky enough to get your named drawn to win one.
Use the UPS/Fedex websites and create your own shipping label based on your weight estimates, weigh it if you can, and the dimensions of the box. Then take it to any UPS/Fedex outlet and just drop it off.
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