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Just an "I wonder" question about a thing I want to try...CTHULHU (shown here as Din Djarin) doesn't have an alarm. At least...it didn't come with a fob. It also has a toggle switch I installed instead of a key as a matter of fact (the barrel went bad). You might be able to see the toggle switch in this photo as I mounted it on the front of the horn. EVIL TWIN (Shown here as Jango Fett) has an alarm (and a key). As EVIL TWIN will be a drag racing (only) bike and CTHULHU is my daily rider, I was just wondering if it was possible to swap the TSSM from EVIL TWIN with the TSM (I'm making an assumption it's a TSM) from CTHULHU so that I have an alarm on CTHULHU instead. -Just for the sake of security on the bike I park at all sorts of different places- CTHULHU is running a ThunderMax and I think I'm going to be running a T-Max or a PCV on EVIL TWIN. So I don't think the factory ECU comes into play...Just wondering if it's possible...

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If anyone is interested I've created a Docu-Series on YouTube for the EVIL TWIN tear down and rebuild to race. It's still in its infancy but if you "Like" and "Subscribe" I'll be continuing this project through the winter with the object of drag racing it during the 2022 season. As I go along, I'm getting better at this editing software to capture my 4 different camera angles together. My lighting needs attention and my camera quality isn't great, but I'm trying and it will all continue to get better as I get more experienced with the devices I have. When I can I will add or replace devices. The tear-down videos would maybe help riders who are newer to working on their bikes. But I anticipate the rebuild and racing to be the real meat of the project. Thanks in advance to anyone who signs on and gives it a look! I can be found on YouTube at: 2003 VRod Rider

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