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Security alarm problem

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Hello everyone! Strange thing occured on my VRSCD 2005. The battery went down. After charging i'm not able to start the engine the alarm sign (key) is on (not flashing) stady. I try to take the alarm off, the remote alarm is working. The turn light of the bike are flashing, but the alarm doest go off! Taking the clamps off the batterry doesnt help. Is it possible to do solve the problem without going to the dealership?
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it should allow you to start it. make sure the battery in the key fob is charged. take key and turn the switch off and back on and it should start, I have a 2007 and I know it took me a while to get use to even having the fob and not leaving in the bike. I have lost the fob twice and found it. I now make the sure the fob is in my pocket before I leave from my home. You should not have to go to the dealer.
Thank you Thunder217 for advice. I solved the problem by taking off the maxi-fuse. After that the engine started. The red key was taken out by serching the error.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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