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Hello fellow V-rodders.

I registered once before, but somehow was not on the list of members today.

Hope I did'nt do anything wrong.

Anyway, my name is Mike, I am a CPA in Nebraska. My 2002 v-rod is my first bike ever. I have attended a cycle riding course and find the V-rod very enjoyable to ride. It is interesting for this much power, how easy the V-rod handles. I have the same complaints most of you have, fuel capacity, highway gearing and the windshield, but I think the overall bike is way above average, when compared to other rides out there.

I like to go fast and I like chrome. Both can be expensive so I am taking it one step at a time. Besides some of the major chome additions, like forks, belt gaurds etc, I did take the bike apart last winter and had the frame chromed. I will post a Picture as soon as I add a couple finishing touhes.

I will be a frequent reader and an occasional poster.

Thanks to those of you that take time to host this site, I'm sure its not easy.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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