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Folks, great start to the first VRF (1130cc) FFL. We had some surprises this year, but all in all hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I will point out, the only bad time for me was drafting for something like 6 teams..my brain still hurts....

Here is how it all breaks down

Winner of League 1 reg season = Pigskinplayers aka KCVROD
Winner of League 2 reg season = Americas Team aka tcvrod

Winner of League 1 Play-offs = Pigkskinplayers aka KCVROD
Winner of League 2 play-offs = ANACONDAS aka okie

Winner of point total for reg season between both leagues...tie between Piskinplayers and Americas Team both with 1109 in week 14 (last week of play before the play-offs.

We do have an issue.... when I made up the "payouts" we were planning on 10 teams per league, but only ended up with 8 per league. So the pot went down by 100.00 from $500.00 to $400.00....

The payout was to be as follows:

50 for season winner each league
150 for playoff winner each league
100 to top points team between both leagues

Okie and tcvord...since you also won, what do you feel fair for the payout??

Payout with 10 teams ea

Pigskinplayers = 250.00
America's Team = 100.00
Anacondas = 150.0

Sugested new payout with 8 teams ea
Americas Team__________?



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I think I should get it all- but really just take 20% from each team that has winnings it should work out right !
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