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SE Pipes

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I picked up my new 07 AW yesterday and went for a short ride today. While out a guy on a road king was telling me about his 02 vrod and that he had a set of SE he would sell me for 100$. He had taken them off to put on some jokers he said. Said they were in great condition with no marks. Now i want a little louder pipes with a more rumble. Would these pipes or slip ons accomplish that? Also on HD website they say they fit only R and D models, would they work on my AW?
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buy them... for that price, even if they don't work, you can sell them here for twice as much.
landglider said:
If you v-mod the exhaust you definitely need a fuel management device.
Nope... the stage1 download covers the v-mod.
landglider said:
I think you're wrong Brentley (unless you're referring to the DIY "self made" v-mod modification and not the "V-Mod" pipes modified by Steve at V-Mod).

Then maybe...

The SE download that you would flash when purchasing SE pipes richens enough to cover v-modded pipes (from chopper steve) also. I happen to be running that exact setup, and if anything, I'm too rich.
To be more precise, I have:

K&N Filter
v-mod stock looking pipes
SE flash
There are several "mods" posted here on the forum... the one that completely removes the baffles is the one that Chopper Steve does, and the one that I have.
mjw930 said:
Ok, I've seen replies all over the map with a lot of confusion on what an SE pipe is. Here is a rundown

SE Slip Fits = Looks like the stock pipe on an A model with a different baffle system. Fits A/B/SE/X models ONLY. This requires a remap
SE Hollow Points = For R/D/DX models ONLY. they look like the pipes on these models with a brushed finish. No remap required
SE 16 GA = Looks like dual straight pipes. For A/B/SE/X models ONLY. Requires remap.

All of these have a "V-Mod" capability where part of the interal baffle is removed. It's different for each pipe but historically the appropriate SE flash works OK with this mod. If you have an R/D/DX then you'll need a Race Tuner or other device if you modify it since there isn't any SE flash for this pipe.

You didn't comment on the Stock A/B/SE/X pipes that have been v-modded and whether or not they require/can use the SE flash...
Yes, but be aware that the v-modded SE slip fits are no where near as loud as the v-modded stock pipes... (I have both)
1 - 7 of 36 Posts
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