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SE Pipes

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I picked up my new 07 AW yesterday and went for a short ride today. While out a guy on a road king was telling me about his 02 vrod and that he had a set of SE he would sell me for 100$. He had taken them off to put on some jokers he said. Said they were in great condition with no marks. Now i want a little louder pipes with a more rumble. Would these pipes or slip ons accomplish that? Also on HD website they say they fit only R and D models, would they work on my AW?
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landglider said:
They will fit the AW...

The "stage 1" download for the SE pipes will work (or a Race Tuner or Gils box for adding a little richness to the system).

Add a good air filter (like the amsoil).

I run with the SE slip-ons on my 06SE2 and run Jokers on my 02A. One bike is for Sunday cruises (won't upset the neighbors) the other sounds like NASCAR down the straight-away.

The SE slip-ons were 600$ new... 300/400 used in good shape so 100.00 is a "give-away" price. The sound is at least twice that of the stock system and under WOT sound good.
is this true?? I have the slip-on's with a stage 1 download and have recently been considering doing a VMOD exaust.... But I was concerned about needing a fuel managent system. So are you saying that I won't need one if I already have the stage 1 download??
If that's true I'll be a little more on the right side of the fence.
landglider said:
I think you're wrong Brentley.(unless you're referring to the DIY "self made" v-mod modification and not the "V-Mod" pipes modified by Steve at V-Mod).
Damnit it you 2... you're dangling a pork chop in front of a STARVING MAN!! :rofl:

What would be the difference in the 2 mods?? I thought they were the same...

I have an 05 A ... ... now make up your minds :spank:

brentley said:
To be more precise, I have:

K&N Filter
v-mod stock looking pipes
SE flash

That's the setup I have now (sans the modded pipes)
is there a difference in what Chopper Steve does with his V-mod and the do-it-yourself version that we have instructions for on the forums? I can't imagine there would be, but I could be wrong .
brentley said:
There are several "mods" posted here on the forum... the one that completely removes the baffles is the one that Chopper Steve does, and the one that I have.
well that's the one I was looking into doing... thanks.
ok ..... So of I mod my slip fit SE pipes, I won't need anything else because I already have a reflash that was done at the dealer when the pipes were put on... Right ? Just want to get straight (and thanks again for clearing this all up).
brentley said:
Yes, but be aware that the v-modded SE slip fits are no where near as loud as the v-modded stock pipes... (I have both)
really? I wonder why that is.. I thought the SE pipes just had a little internal baffles than stock ... And in the end, aren't you just removing them?

Enlighten me, please.
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