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Is the S100 total cycle cleaner safe to use on every part of the v-rod? i've seen that they make seval different products? but just bought the one bottle of the total cycle cleaner. Thanks in advance :) Shawn
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I have...

Just get it plenty wet, use the product and rinse it off , very well. Do not let it soak or sit too long .You can if needed wipe or scrub (gently). Just follow the directions and it works . Leave it on and it may leave a stain or two. But I like it. It is quick . BobT
I agree with Bob. No problems so long as you don't leave it on too long.

What ever happened to soap and water. It has worked well for me. One of my best and cheapest investments was a $30 leaf blower. No water spots and never need to wipe it down.
Soap and Water

S & W is cool too , but it removes most wax/polish finishes from say, exhaust and other chrome. Any wax you may have on your headlight bezel and such. It leaves the same results though , if you want to re apply polishes. I use soap too , it is 1/1,000 th the cost of S100(probably). BobT
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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