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Sharing this here as found on a Diesel forum I follow.

The RPM Act got re-introduced to the senate. This literally involved ANYTHING motorsports, and 100,000's of jobs and shops. It has failed to pass 2x now.



I have heard directly from some larger shop owners that it won't be long before they will have to close their doors if it doesn't pass, due to the nature of their shop as being more performance based.

Simply put, the only race cars that are allowed to exist (per EPA) are custom built tube chassis, and as we all know, few people can afford to own $100k plus car/truck just to go have fun at their local track.

Those of you here that are also on other forums for other gearhead type stuff, please pass along the links. It's NOT just a diesel thing. Last year Two Brothers exhaust and Yoshimura got hit for bike exhaust.
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