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Not to sure where to post this so so hopefully it will be placed in the correct forum.

I have been expertimenting with the PM six pot calipers on my R. First, you will need to switch back to the 02-05 V-rod rotors on both wheels. Or you can have 1/8 - 3/16 shaved off the top of all the rotors. Even though my R has the Brembo cylinders on, the front master cylinder is not big enough for six pot calipers. It is a 15 mm housing and most six pots use a least a 5/8 or larger. The fronts will engage but the hand travel is way to far. ( either that or the brakes I bought are jacked. I will know in two days ). I will going to 11/16 which is plenty. The rear brake cylinder ( Brembo ) will work but you will have more travel. Its acceptable to me but if you like a slight touch to engage you will want a bigger cylinder.

Those switching thier 02-05 to Brembos, same applies. You will need the Brembo cylinders ( Front for sure ) and the Brembo rotors. The other option is to cut the top edge of the pads down. As the brakes wear they will form a lip because the pads will go over the top of the rotor. When they start to touch braking will diminish.

I think KWIKR is installing four pot PM calipers and maybe he can add his experiences of what he finds.

I haven't seen all this info together, rather bits and pieces here and there, or from others. Hopefully this will help others in their decisions if they decide to change brakes.

Also, was talking to Jetgod and he mentioned a Harley dealer that put Brembos on one of their models as a sell point. They left the stock rotors on. Sometimes the Harley dealers know less then us. Hope this helps
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