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My wife bought me one of these for Christmas after I bought my '02. I don't have a comprehensive list, but it does contain the correct socket for oil changes (also fits the K & N filter hex, how handy is that?) and a ratchet. Also the correct socket and extension for spark plugs. A miscellaneousl supply of ball end hex wrenches that fit most everything on the bike. It includes several appropriately sized metric wrenches, some tie-wraps, a multi screwdriver, and a couple of star wrenches for things like the radiator skin screws.

I have added a larger hex wrench to fit the shock bolts, a small adjustable wrench, tire inflation gage, a spanner for the shocks, and a couple of wrenches and SAE hex wrenches to fit added accessories.

Given the reliability of the V-rod, this kit is probably not a must-buy if you're deep-pocket challenged, but it seems that every time I work on the bike my kit ends up unrolled beside it.

I also recommend one of the small tire patch kits that contain plugs for nail holes, and a CO2 cartridge to reinflate your flat tire. It'll at least get you to the next town.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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