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Thinking of going to the rizoma belt guard-my question is, it only looks good if you remove the lower belt guard-what should be my concerns with the minimal upper guard and no lower guard?
Thanks in advance.
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I've been running without the lower belt guard for some time. No probs so far...
No concerns TIvy, I've got the Rizoma upper and no lower and have run this combo for a long time. BTW, nice choice!
I run with both upper and lower guards off.... No problems,I must also add that I do NOT ride on any gravel or dirt roads.....
Removing the lower guard allows the sharp angle of the frame to be seen, that IMHO kicks ass. I took off the lower on day 3 and have had my bike for a year... no issues!
just fitted 200 metz,had to cut lower belt guard. one hundred miles later,blister on belt ,caused by stone. £215 shocking eh?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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