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Right side frame rail

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I recently wrecked my 07 nightrod. That I bought brand new. I got another for parts but cant bring my self to tearing apart another beautiful 07 nightrod. With airbrushing. I am searching for parts. Need lower right frame rail. Headlight fairing and airbox cover. Rear fender. Prefer all to be vivid black. And not sure if name is right but dog ass and lights in it. Pretty sure the rest I can find. Handle bars brake and clutch assemblies. Front lights. Thank you in advance for any help
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So you got a second Night Rod for spare parts but don't want to use it as spare parts? Is that's what troubling you Bunky?
Yep. So now i'm back to looking for the parts. But always have spare bike at least
Welcome to the club. :angeldev:
Ride em' don't Hide em' said the local groundhog.

Hey I sold an '03 Anniversary edition to someone that really wanted it to ride it, rather than part it out for my own selfish use. This is where the better humanity kicks in guys - it's better to ride em' than hide em' - of course if you get a lightly crashed bike for a good deal feel free to have her support your fleet. How's that groundhawg popping up there in Punxsutawney PA. any idea when winters ending & riding season's gonna open up hecire69 ?
Streetrodracer I dont have much faith in that groundhog. Big pain in the ass lol. I hope ridin starts soon. I only got a ride in since accident and I didnt want to wait long. But hues no choice lol. Think if I still lived in florida I'd at least go for a lunch or something. How cold is it there?
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