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When I first got my VRSCD I had no idea how neglected it was. I suffered from brake fade during a highway emergency stop and knew something was wrong. Took it to the dealership I used to work at and the fluid in my master cylinder looked like the lovechild of DOT-4 and Nutella. It was really bad.

Anyway, considering how important brakes are on a bike, especially on one with balls like the VRSC family, it seems crazy that as motorcyclists we don't talk about it more... Harley (like pretty much all manufacturers) recommend replacing your brake fluid every two years but I handle about a dozen motorcycles every week for work and very few riders seem to be doing this....

Anyway, here's a video that covers why brake fluid goes bad, what bad brake fluid means for you and your bike, and three ways to test your brake fluid yourself.

For a lot of you guys who service your brakes, this will be remedial and you can skip it or share it with a new rider who might not know any better... But or those of you who aren't routinely flushing your brakes, you might want to give this a look, it could save yourself a lot of hardship.

For those who don't like videos there's also a written version here: How To Tell If Your Motorcycle Brake Fluid Has Gone Bad
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