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Rear wiring connectors ('09 VRSCF)

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Wiring a set of Kuryakyn/Kellermann atto lights for my custom rear fender and I noticed a couple of connectors I don't know what they're for.

Anyone know what these are for? Bike is a 2009 VRSCF...



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From my shop manual, it looks like the single conductor cable with the grey connector is a "P&A battery" connection. It connects directly to the battery, through the ignition switch and main fuse. HD sells a mating cable if you want to connect an accessory to it. I'd add another fuse of a smaller value, since the main fuse is a big one.

The other one, 2 conductor with the light blue connector housing is probably the "HFSM Antenna" connector. The "HF" part stands for "hands free." I'm guessing the "SM" part is "security module."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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