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Rear tire sizes

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Does anyone knows what size of tire u can put on the original swing (180)?
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I have an 03 with a 180 tire, researched it as well as I can and 3/5 answers say a 200 will fit but just be super close. The other 2/5 say they had to grind a few threads off some bolts that point in from the saddlebags (if you have them) and maybe fender. I need tires this year and will be getting a 200 for the rear not worried. Fits the stock rim without hurtin the profile from the pictures I saw and what the people said.
The 200 rear tire will fit for 100% sure!
But some ppl says that u can put a 240 tire if u switch the belt and stuff..
200 will fit with minor mod in the inner fender area. or try this for 240

What is the intent of the tire? If for looks then the only issue is clearances. I don't think you will be able to go much bigger than 200 without getting into mods.

If performance then the 180 is faster and will handle better.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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