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There is confusion even at the Dealer level. One said definitely would fit (and the package agreed), and another told me that they changed the electronics in 04 and it would not (I think he is misinformed). Lets assume that the MOCO is not so stupid as to exclude the many 02 and 03 bikes already in the hands of all of us proud owners.

As I am still planning on getting Doc's Ultimate package, I have not opted to buy this very much cheaper alternative. However, at $43.00 I am tempted. Has anyone bought it yet, and what do you think?

The additional brake lights would be most welcome, but I worry about red as a signal color. There is no confusing the turn signal with the tail/brake light with the amber signal, but would a spaced cager respond to a less common red turn signal as readily?

Also, I would perfer it to make the turn signals run as a running (tail) lights as well as turn signal/brake light. It can be done (Kuryakyn does it), so why did HD increase a somewhat dim tail light by adding this function to the package?

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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