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Rear Fender/Wide Tire

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Well first off I would like to say great forum Max..This is a great place for information and tips on the V-Rod...I have a 2003 V-Rod, pretty much stock but adding lots of chrome on her right now since I cant ride her for a while yet. Still about -5 degrees F out here and 2 feet of snow so it will be a while yet..
I have a question for every one out there.. I would like to install a 240 wide tire kit on my baby, I know there is lots of companies who offer this but the problem I have is that when installing a 240 tire the rear fender has to be changed..Is there any one out there that make a rear fender in the Anodized Aluminum just like the origional one but for a 240 tire..The reason is I do not want to change the colour on my ride I want to keep the Anodized look but have not seen any one with a fender like that yet..

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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