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I accidentally stopped my rear brake from squealing.

I have already reamed all of the holes smooth in the front rotors and chamfered each of them about 0.010". They look much better than the stock, punched holes that aren't chamfered. So I've been waiting to do the same for my rear rotor.

While I was waiting for my local dealership to procure a new sprocket bearing for me, I decided to take my rear brake rotor to the machine shop where I work. Boy, am I glad that I did!

Just reaming the holes to clean up the rough, jagged punch scars magically relieved surface tension in the holes too. So not only do they look better and do the chamfers feel better (no longer sharp edges), they no longer squeal!

So, to stop the rotor squeal, ream all of the holes clean. I suggest that you remove the rotors to do it properly on a drilling machine at the feed rate of 0.001" per cutting edge (flute) of the reamer and at a speed of about 150 rpm. Ream to the smallest size that will clean up the holes or you risk getting a popping noise when you brake as the early V-Rods have. Then chamfer the holes equally about 0.010" deep on both sides.
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