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Rear Brake Failure

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I had to let my bike set for 2 years due to a back surgery. I'm trying to get back on. I put in a new lithium battery and took it for a test drive. I was quite excited to see that my rear brakes had completely failed. I got back home and checked the fluid level but it was completely dry. I plan on replacing the whole rear system but I want to start with the lines because I read that Harley's Vrod lines were known to collapse. Any recommendations on brake lines as I consider braking to be important, lol. I have a VRSCD. Thank you!
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Sometimes it is the hose that enters the caliper that fails, other times it may be the switch itself that fails. Fill the reservoir with fluid, bleed the system and see where it fails. If you're lucky, only the switch leaks and needs to be replaced, a low cost fix... Let us know.
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