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suggestions please.

Any help would be great.
Yesterday i gave my bike an oil change and a wash.
Now i have the tach light stay on while the bikes ignition is off and when the ignition is on the display says d i a g which tells me i've obviously gotten something wet that i shouldn't have. :banghead:
I've followed the steps (exactly) to see if i could bring up some codes to diagnose the problem but with no success. all i see is d i a g
Has anyone else had this problem and/or know what i can do to fix this??
So far i have disconnected all plugs and looked for water in a plug but all i found was a little bit of water around the odometer reset button.

Cheers Paul

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You've shorted out the odometer reset switch with moisture. This has happened to many owners that aren't careful with the water spray when washing the bike.

You need to dry out the gauge cluster especially the reset switch. This is best done by removing the instrument cluster from the housing. On a VRSCDX follow these steps:
  1. Remove MAXI fuse (under upper right side cover)
  2. Remove upper fastener at back of cluster
  3. Rotate cluster down and remove harness connector (squeeze two release tabs together)
  4. Remove hinge fastener and then slide cluster off hinge peg
  5. Remove 4 fasteners at rear of housing and separate front bezel and housing from cluster
  6. Air dry cluster or use some electronics parts cleaner
  7. To assemble cluster reverse steps. Torque values:
4 rear fasteners: 1.3 to 1.9 Nm = 12 to 16 in•lbs
Hinge and upper fasteners: 2.2 to 2.8 Nm = 20 to 24 in•lbs​
You have been very helpful thank you.
i've managed to bring a few codes up and the display doesn't say diag any more but the tach light is still on but really dim so a bit more drying is required.
the codes that came up are as follows.
are any of these critical or something that has happened since unplugging everything??

Cheers Paul

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First, all DTCs have 5 digits, a letter prefix followed by 4 numbers. The first two items in your list aren't DTCs. Those are the part numbers for your IM (instrument module) and HFSM (hands free security module) respectively.

The other six items are DTCs. The ones that have a "b" prefix were stored in/by the IM and the ones with the "c" prefix were stored in/by the ABS ECU (electrical control unit). A link to a list of the newer DTCs is in Post # 144.

b1004 = fuel sender low (voltage to circuit was low)
b1005 = fuel sender open/high (voltage to circuit is high)
b1008 = trip odometer switch closed
c1094 = front brake switch always on
c1095 = front brake switch open
c1216 = rear brake switch open

The first two were probably set when the IM was being unplugged. The third one is the one that's causing your problems. The last three are likely due to unplugged modules in the ABS brake light circuit.

All these DTCs should be cleared (see step 11 in Post # 154) after everything is plugged back in to make sure these aren't active codes.
Thanks for taking the time to help me resolve my issues.
After all codes were cleared and the bike started and codes checked again i end up with just 2 that wont clear.
c1094 and c1216 Front & rear brake switches open.
I have no idea how to resolve these issues so if you have any suggestions im more than happy to hear them.
Also my tach light still lights up without ignition on. No matter how much i dry it even with the hair dryer.
Maybe i need a new gauge cluster??

Cheers Paul.

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The c1094 (front brake switch always on) means that the your front brake switch is stuck on. This can be caused by a bad or out of position switch, a short in the switch wiring, or a bad ABS ECU.

The c1216 (rear brake switch open) means that the rear brake switch signal is disconnected. This can happen if the rear brake switch is bad, the rear brake switch wiring is bad, and if the brake light bulb is burned out (the last one isn’t likely though because this would set a c1095 DTC).

Your tach light being on with the ignition off indicates internal shorts in the IM and may require dismantling this (not impossible but also not trivial) or getting a new one.
All DTC's are gone now thanks to you. :notworth:
I had a bad connection to my rear brake light once i fixed this i cleared the codes and the aren't coming back.
Thank again for your help!
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