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Reading codes

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The IM (instrument module) is capable of displaying DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes).

  1. Ignition off
  2. push the odometer reset button in & hold. Make sure the run switch is on.
  3. turn ignition to run and release the button (you will see P, S &C displayed)
  4. each letter represents an area of diagnostics... the one that is flashing is the one you are going to check. To move from one letter to the next, you push the button one time. (from P to S to C and back to P, etc.)
  5. to get DTC within an area, you push and hold the button in for 5 seconds and if there are any, it will be displayed... you can release the button. As you push the button again, other codes will appear if they are there. If there are not any the word 'none' appears.
  6. Record the codes.
  7. To determine if a code is current or historic, you clear the codes while being displayed by pushing in and holding the button until 'clear' comes up. Turn off the ignition... then crank or restart the bike... turn off, and then repeat the coding process. If a code is there now, it's current... if not, it was historic.
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Hey! new here and i was hoping that somebody can help me with my issue. Red key on dash is on for a while and turns off. It turns on when i have turn signals on but i'm not sure if the red key alarm is triggered by turn signals being on. I installed an LED system w/c i got from Chicago Harley, OEM. Also, the bike wont start after about 30 miles of riding. At first it's trying to start but after 2nd and 3rd try starting it only makes a clicking sound. After charging the battery it starts very well. Not sure if that is battery issue . Check code and says Pn 68921-07. Checked it and described it as MODULE, TURN SIGNAL (TSM-Y) from harley website. Totally confused what the problem is. NEED HELP PLEASE. Riding season is here!
hernan, 1st off all I salute you for protecting our freedom and may the power of courage and good instinct guide you and your troops to safety and survival. Secondly, thanks for the input.
Does that explain the red key alarm and lighting up?
hernan, the battery is behind the head light. Take your airbox off and you will see it laying flat.

TaxmanHog... thanks for the reply.
I got this bike used February last year. 08 model but i used moded this LED as sson as i got the bike. all is fine. This is OEM HD mini bullet LED light and it comes with a power module that interface with TSSM. I was wondering if the TSSM needs repalcement?

If it is warning me of a potential bulb out condition, then how come the bike won't start after about a 30 or so miles ride. Three things on my mind: TSSM, Battery or LED TS module that's giving me issues. Please advice.
hernan, I apologize. I thought you are asking.
after the battery is fully charged it starts with no hesitation. That will rule out the relay and starter. Is the alarm on or off if the ignition key is locked? What if it's just in the off position?
If my TSSM has malfunction, how would I know if it's the turn signal or the security feature is giving me problems? LED TS gets it's power from TSSM and LED TS also has it's own power pack and it's feeding from the TSSM. TS is working fine, L and R responds to proper input and turns off automatically. That leaves the TSSM in question. Advice please.
Yes. It's to a point that it's not turning the engine. This is just recent. I charged the battery overnight Friday and did not ride. Started the bike Saturday with no problem. After a couple of hrs same day, i started the bike with no problem. Today , i started the bike with no issues. No turn signals was use just plain start ups. Noticed that the key is still red. Used to be yellow upon start up. Everything was OK till i took the battery out and charged it for winter storage. This all happened when i took the bike out off storage and installed the battery.

I don't have a key FOB.

OEM TS are gone. Sold it. Gosh Darn!

Thank you for taking time helping me with a solution.
This is just 2minutes ago. I checked DTC's PSC, negative. Although my PSC's have a bafter C. What's up with that?
So, it's PSCb instead of PSC. Also, I started the bike three consecutive times . I noticed that the more i start the bike the more hesitation it sounds. Clearly it's the battery. I hope.
Don't know what a key FOB is. I have a round key that came with bike. I'm pretty sure it's a TSSM coz the key flashes yellow before I screwed it up.
Would the battery light indicator lit up for battery issues? If I have battery issues why would the key turn red?
I'll take to the dealer for a load test. Good advice.
Hey! Finally went to HD dealer and found out that the key alarm is RED ALWAYS. Did not know that. But I'm absolutely sure that it was yellow upon start up. The service manager is accommodating enough to give me a free battery diagnostics. Not only that, the parts manager also gave me a 20% off my battery and deluxe battery tender. $170.00 total. Battery tender comes with convenient quick disconnect adapter. I haven't rode it yet but hoping this will cure my issues. Thanks.
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