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Bid Here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190433312796

Rare Race Tuned Harley V-Rod VRSCB $4K in extras

Hi Bidders,
You are bidding on a very rare and head-turning V-Rod. This bike is great for long rides and is setup for passenger and rider comfort. I am selling this bike because I do not have the time to ride anymore.

Condition: This bike has been babied, polished, cleaned and always kept out of the bad weather!

Features: The following is included with the bike. You do not need to buy anything more!

1) SERT (Screamin' Eagle Race Tuner) ($500)
The SERT is a device that allows a professional tuner direct connection to the EFI to tune air/fuel ratio and other setting after a custom exhaust is installed. This is the best this you can buy and not some device that tricks the bikes EFI module.

2) Professional dyno tuning ($500) (115.65 Wheel Horsepower, 79 ft-lbs torque, 0-60 ~3 Seconds)
Tuning was done by Barb's Harley-Davidson in Collingswood, NJ.

3) Custom V-Mod Exhaust ($400)
The V-Mod exhaust sound on this bike is AMAZING! It sounds like a big block Hot-Rod.
The v-mod exhaust is the stock exhaust without the inner baffle. It is a performance modification that increases horsepower and improves the sound a lot. After the exhaust was modified, I had installed by the dealer and then professionally race tuned on a dyno. It is done professionally by this company: http://www.v-mod.com/shop/viewCategory.asp?CID=337,114,569 Also, here is a video of how the exhaust sounds. Note this is not my bike just an example of the same bike with my v-mod exhaust.

4) SAC Leather Bag ($250)
This is a custom bag made to fit the v-rod perfectly.

5) Sundowner Touring Seat ($300)
This seat made it possible for me to ride 300-400 miles per day. Also very comfortable for your wife or girlfriend.
Designed for the long haul, this touring seat continues in the comfort tradition of the popular Sundowner™ line. With rider comfort in mind, this seat has a deep contoured bucket that provides lower back support and keeps you comfortable longer. The wide passenger pillion bucket provides added passenger support as well.

6) Passenger Floorboards ($200)
Another great feature for the passenger. It makes it very comfortable for long rides.

7) Windvest Windshield ($450)
The best looking windshield for the V-Rod.

8) GARMIN Zumo 550 GPS ($600)
This unit also includes an automotive mount. So you can move the unit from your car to the bike.

9) New Metzler Tires ($400)
The tires were purchased online and installed by Barb's Harley-Davidson in Collingswood, NJ.

10) Original Exhaust, Seat, Pegs
11) Bungee Nets ($20)
12) Stop'n'Go Tire Repair Kit ($50)
13) Air Pump ($20)
14) Sissy bar ($80)
15) Sissy bar pad ($80)
16) Luggage Rack ($100)
17) Bike always serviced at the dealer. I have all the service records for your review
18) K&N Racing Air Filter ($80)
This filter allows more air into the engine and was part of my exhaust and tuning work done by Barb's Harley-Davidson in Collingswood, NJ.

19) Performance Air Intake Modification (A.KA. Running Topless) ($80)
This airbox mod allows more air into the engine and was part of my exhaust and tuning work done by Barb's Harley-Davidson in Collingswood, NJ.

20) New Battery 6 months ago ($80)
21) Factory Alarm System
22) 10,000 mile service completed by Barb's Harley-Davidson in Collingswood, NJ.


Nothing else needs to be done to this bike!

Kelly Blue Book Value = 9500 + 4210 Goodies = $13,710 Value

Bid Now!

Bid Here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190433312796

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