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My two cents on Radar Dectectors..........

Look, this is just my opinion but I've had my share of conversations with LEO's and I just want to share what I've heard. If you get caught going 30 mph over the posted limit, you've got some talking to do, or ass kissing as my friends call it. If you're screaming at anything over 100 mph, you don't stand a chance of talking your way out of it unless you're related to a LEO, BUT............ If you're speeding and not endangering others and the numbers aren't off the chart you may have a chance of at least talking the LEO into a warning ticket but if you've got a visable Radar Dectector all the talking and chap stick you've got goes right out the window. What you're saying to the LEO is pretty much that you're going to beat them at their JOB and that pisses them off. Where I live, cops seldom mess with bikers because frankly, most of them have bikes and ride with the rest of us. I live in a rural mountainous area with tons of beautiful back roads that are breath taking and running into a LEO is not to often but that being said, every weekend and often during the week also, some inexperienced biker takes a dirt nap either because they don't know the road or a cager tangled with them.
How are you going to reply when the officer looks at your radar detector and asks "What do you need that for?" Again, it's just my two cents but I've learned from my youth of outrunning the law that if they really want you, they'll get you even if they have to dispatch a chopper and believe me, they do! Don't get me wrong, I ride the fastest V Twin cruiser ever made and I love to pound the lower gears from time to time but I know where to do it, I know the roads like the back of my hand and I also realize that if I get caught it's my own fault because at 55 years old, my running days are over with. Life is to precious. If you're going to mount a radar dector I would seriously consider hiding it with a remote in helmet signal so it can't be dectected by the authorities your trying to out fox. My two cents...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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