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So what do ya'll know about TFI? (I have no idea what it means).

Daytona dealer is recommending it with their dyno check. Says it is easier to fine tune.

I feel like such a newbie, trying to learn all these TLA's (three letter acronyms) :)

Oh yeah... what exactly is topless? I'm guessing something to do with the air intake? Benefits?

Thanks in advance,
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Topless is what we have been trying to get Val to do, no wait topless is removing the top of the air filter housing and running with only the filter in place.

Running topples is good for a few ponies and a lot of induction noise since you can hear the air going into the throttle bodies then and you can hear a little valve noise coming out as well.
Techlusion Fuel Injection control module
It is for tuning the fuel curves.It goes in between the ecm and the fuel injectors.It tells the injectors what to do.Almost like the power commander and HD racetuner.The TFI is only capable of tuning the fuel,unlike the PC and racetuner that can change both timing and fuel.
Check out this thread for an explanation of the HD Race Tuner and Power Commander (PCIIIr) http://www.v-rodforums.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=44

Follow this link for the Techlusion web site http://www.techlusion.us/
I'm not into racing my bike, but I am a technology geek. Sounds like the PC3 is something you can tweak at home with a laptop. The RT sounds like you need to use it in conjuction with a dyno???

I'll have to do some more homework on this. Software is my work-life but very fun stuff to me. So the idea of hooking up a laptop to my bike does kinda bring the nerd out in me. If I can do it at home...


You can hook up the RT and tweek at home just as easily as the PCIIIr. To get either one spot on you need at least a exhaust gas analyser and a dyno. I've made various minor tweeks with the RT. Just use the basic mode, that brings it down to the level of the PCIII (overall AFR and Timing). If you're into computers than the RT is the only way to go. :2cents:
The Teclusion can be tuned by your Ass dyno much easier then the rest .Take it for a ride if it has a stumble adjust the fuel at that rpm.You would be amazed at how good you can get it by feel then you can have it checked on the dyno.I had Great success with my TFI Box.The dyno's are great for ego's but it's the Real world that counts!:cool:

"Ass dyno"... So lets see... what did I learn today.

There's digital, analog, and Ass.

I think we should add that to the Glossary.

So I just got my SE-Vmods from ChopperSteve, got the download from the dealer. Its running great, sounds great! Weather man says low 70's all weekend...

Putting on the mini-backrest later today, so I'm good to go.

BTW, I'm going to put in an order for the RT probably next week. I decided to go the geek route.
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